Open courses

We come to the aid of employees who would like to develop their communication skills outside the scope of their respective companies. They can do so on the premises of the firm, on their own, or together with colleagues, and benefit from doing away with travel time and from fitting the training in with work hours. The chief advantage of open courses is that it allows the trainee to have a say in setting the contents and scope of the course in harmony with personal goals and experience, independent of the general strategy for development of the employer.

In a COMPACT open course we typically go through the following steps:

  1. A first session dedicated to testing, needs assessment and goal setting and the setting out of a general programme of study.
  2. Course delivery (meetings 2-10)
  3. Intermediate assessment
  4. Continued course delivery (meetings 12-21) informed by the results of the intermediate assessment.
  5. Final assessment together with feedback and support for post-course private development.
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