Language audit

Language audit is an area of expertise in which we take particular pride. We deem it a valuable assessment tool for any human resources department engaged in the recruitment process as well as in setting out a strategy for employee development.

We’ve contrived a system for precise language competency appraisal down to the sublevels of the six main levels on the CEFR scale. This helps reduce costs and do away with redundant training as well as it enables the recruiter to more soundly differentiate when language competency is a criterion for shortlisting candidates.

Erroneous results, which a superficial assessment might produce, can potentially set back long term company performance. For a higher precision of the assessment we have added problem-solving elements to the ubiquitous multiple-choice system which is known to rely on recognition alone and is thus prone to yielding misleading results.


Written Exam

Oral exam

Generating results

Final feedback report

Programme outlining

  1. Customized assessment which closely follows company objectives.
  2. Written exam readily provided on our online platform.
  3. Flexible oral exam, available both face-to-face and on the phone.
  4. We generate the results within 24 hours from completion of both exam parts.
  5. The final feedback report comprises the systematization of the results and the issuance of an individual profile for each candidate with useful feedback for the candidate as well as for the company.
  6. We work out a training programme based on the assessment turnout.
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