Corporate language courses

Our courses offer firms and multinational companies the prospect of fluent communication in the main world languages within the shortest space of time. We guarantee a high ROI by delivering personalized courses, congenial to both the business profile and students’ individuality. Adequate command of foreign languages eases and expedites the access to new markets and opens up a more intimate avenue of communication with business partners, which now can be met on a ground familiar to them.

Course formats - German and English

We favour in-house based training at the work place of our trainees in order to deliver the most immersive experience possible.

Free initial language assessment

Initial testing comprises a written and an oral exam. In addition to the established multiple-choice testing method, our written exam also probes written message comprehension and written output capabilities. Depending on customer preference, for the oral exam we organize face-to-face or phone interviews. Our complex testing methods ensure both result accuracy and precision, enabling us to assign candidates language competency sublevels, distinguishing for instance between B1.1 and B1.2. The direct benefit for the company consists in a greater ROI and more precise peformance indices to guide the appraisal of the language training programme.

Needs assessment and goal setting

Based on a precise initial assessment we can set the training goals and the course content. Our course customization seeks to match the company development requirements and the personal goals of the trainees while conforming throughout to CEFR parameters and established language certification standards.

Presentation - Practice - Production

Programme outlining

Subject to the set goals, we agree with the trainees on frequencies and timetables. Depending on the number of participants and pacing requirements, we offer the following course formats:

  • Individual courses
  • Semi-individual courses (2 participants)
  • Small group courses (3 - 6 participants)
  • Extended group courses
  • COMPACT, fixed schedule of 2-3 weekly sessions
  • PREMIUM, flexible schedule and variable frequency

Review and Consolidation

Course delivery

We set out with a preliminary presentation of the course programme and contents alongside the handover of the training material. Each session is structured in successive stages of presentation, practice and production, in a balanced ratio to each other. This format includes essential grammar, vocabulary, texts, audio-video supporting material, worksheets, interactive games, roleplay and not least conversation. We build on previous knowledge and consolidate by overlapping steps. Subjects once presented are reiterated in varied contexts throughout the rest of the course.